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“Language inclusion is our love language.”

— Mitzi Salgado
Founder & EIC of The Cultura Media

Our work is not possible without our partners or sponsors. There are multiple ways to form a phenomenal and fruitful partnership. Luckily for us, the options are endless! 

What our Partners are Saying

Dr. Sonia Ponce

“In these times when access to false information is so easily accessible, we need reliable sources of information. People from minority groups are more likely to receive misinformation. As a consequence, our risk of serious side-effects to this, including worse health effects, is higher than that of people who belong to the majority group.

It is extremely important to expand reliable sources of information. The Cultura Media offers us reliability, let’s support them!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Claudia Menjivar, Esq.

I’ve been working with TC for about 9 month now. I’ve learnt so much.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Dr. Nathalie Herrera

I can’t thank them enough for working with me at my level and keeping me motivated. I couldn’t ask for a better partnership.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ways to partner with us


-Support our cause by donating here.

-Sponsor a project.

-Sponsor a magazine issue of issue of the Cultura Revista.

-Support an event such as special exhibitions, community trainings, and resource events.

-Sponsor a podcast show.

Revista  The Cultura bilingue


-Licensing content

-Editorial Production

-Collaborative production (illustrations, video productions, graphic design)

-Public Relations and Translations

-Publish your research and development

-Contribute to the Cultura Revista

-Have something important to share? Become a special guest at one of our podcasts!

-Advisory board membership

Our Current Partners

Our Most Popular Services

How we bridge communications, advocacy, and consulting to produce change?

The Cultura™ provides specialized consulting on organizational efficiency to minority business-owners and institutions. Our clients range from organizations looking to implement diversity and inclusion, non-profit organizations, and community organizers looking to be more efficient, and migrant business-owners seeking organizational growth.

We partner with organizations for diversity and inclusion practices, immigration, outreach campaigns conducting demographic-based marketing, and organizations looking to better understand minority populations. We guide, coach, and orient projects seeking to be more effective on developing and designing programs, their impact, and sustainability.

We innovate for organizations seeking to shift their culture towards more diverse and inclusive environments and for those looking to incorporate better corporate responsibility practices.

Focus Areas

Bilingual Translation- Not just literally, but we dig deeper to ensure our content is the best quality for our audience.

Healthcare Access- Guide healthcare providers to ensure they’re delivering Spanish language translated content to patients that’s culturally relevant and properly translated. We ensure that healthcare staff is adequately trained to handle cultural and language barriers to address the needs of their monolingual Spanish speaking patients.

Immigration Policy– Develop immigration-inclusive policies & deliver accurate bilingual resources.

Social Innovation- Develop strategies, implement lean startup methodologies, and innovative large-scale programming to help address a social problem.

Entrepreneurship & Scaling minority owned businesses- Create needs-assessments, market research, evaluate the effectiveness of delivering services, online presence and social media efficacy.

Higher Education- Curriculum design, in-field training, and program implementation in immigration policy, non-profit management, Diversity & Inclusion, and International & Binational Border Policy programming. We offer a special program focused on the US-Mexico border called the Binational Policy Program and Diplomacy (BPPD) with higher education institutions.

Diversity and Inclusion– Curriculum design, workshop development, and program implementation and evaluation.

Women Empowerment- Curriculum design, workshop development, and program implementation and evaluation.