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Our Mission

The mission of The Cultura Media™ is to promote Spanish language advocacy and provide access to resources and information for monolingual immigrants and Latinx communities to self-advocate and sustain dignified livelihoods.

Our Promise to our Readers




Meet our Founder & Editor in Chief

Mitzi Salgado holds a Master’s degree in International Public Policy & Management from the University of Southern California with a specialization in Border and Immigration Policy. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Women Studies from UC Riverside. Mitzi’s mission is to help close economic gaps and information asymmetry for low-income communities of color, particularly Latinx and immigrants.

Before starting The Cultura Media, Mitzi worked at Harvard University managing international programs for the Department of State in 90% of Latin America. Mitzi is a US-Mexico border, and immigration policy expert and diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leader focusing on Latinx issues. Her experience developing diversity, equity, and inclusion programs helped shape her approach to social entrepreneurship and The Cultura Media. Mitzi is a proud Transfroteriza and a cultural community organizer.

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Our Team

Editorial Marketing Associate

Darian Cruz-Lugo will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to joining The Cultura Media, Darian worked with museums and local non-profit organizations in Phoenix to unify cultural groups and connect underrepresented communities with the arts. She also works as a student coordinator for the Diversity and Inclusion Department at Grand Canyon University where she plans events and educational programs regarding race, culture, and diversity. When she’s not writing, Darian is probably designing or reading a good book!

Editorial Marketing Coordinator

Rebekah Haddock received a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Central Florida, where she developed her passion for creative storytelling and non-fiction writing. She has since studied songwriting and film abroad in Sydney, Australia, and previously interned as a Content Producer and Editor for the docuseries Now With Natalie. Outside of The Cultura, Rebekah serves the Orlando community as a Realtor® and production assistant for a local photography studio.

Video and Media Production Intern

Catalina Parra is a current MFA student of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts studying Cinematography & Directing. Catalina grew up in Houston, Texas where she discovered her love of art through her multi-racial family. Catalina is passionate about the power of the moving image and has been since receiving her B.A. in Philosophy & Cinema Studies at the University of Chicago. Throughout her career, Cat has been selected as Best Documentary in Film One Fest and Texas Gulf Film Festival. She was also awarded the USC Annenberg Graduate Fellowship from the Cinematography Department. Catalina is also a member of the Chicana Directors’ Initiative and Women of Color Unite (WOCU).

Marisela Martinez, Social Media Marketing Intern

Social Media Marketing Intern

Marisela Martinez graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and a minor in Chicanx-Latinx Studies. She has experience with audio and video production. She found her passion in moving pictures and storytelling in my home, the Coachella Valley.  A lot of her work reflects her culture and personal experiences.  Marisela was a part of L.U.N.A. (Latinx Undergraduate Network of Activists) prior known as M.E.Ch.A. As a woman of color, she wants to push for a place for other minorities in the media industry. Marisela currently works as a Studio Assistant at a fine photography studio. She aspires to work her way up as a video editor.

Our Media Channels

Jefa de Jefas™ Podcast- Spilling Intellectual Tea

The Cultura™ Revista en Español™

Our Approach & Values

Culturally Relevant

Centered in the community, we focus on amplifying unheard and ignored Latinx voices and monolingual Spanish-speaking immigrants. We create content in Spanish and ensure it’s not just literally translated but culturally translated too. We partner with organizations that want to deliver the right message to Latinx and Spanish-speaking communities while honoring their rich diversity. Whether we’re working with clients or our users, we honor the community’s needs through translating, consulting, and creating accurate bilingual content. We deliver resources, projects, and programs in the utmost respectful and culturally accurate way possible.


Why does our work matter? Latinx communities are typically ignored in targeted marketing, overlooked when companies launch new products and misunderstood when companies do acknowledge the Latinx consumer. This reoccurring act of neglecting communities of color, particularly immigrants and monolingual Latinx communities, contributes to institutionalized poverty and lack of access. We encourage and invite companies to implement diverse and inclusive practices into their business to prevent institutionalized racism as much as possible.

It’s never enough to provide information to our readers if this information is ignoring cultural relevance. This way, we can guarantee the best quality and provide accurate information to our readers and clients.

Accessible & Actionable

Our goal is to make crucial information as accessible as possible so our audience can obtain and maintain sustainable lives. From immigration law to practical life-hacks, we provide tools for people to advocate for themselves in daily life. The mere existence of The Cultura Media is to provide practical knowledge to our users and help organizations create pathways for their clients to access their services.

If you wish to partner with us, please contact us.

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