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October 04, 2023

Latina Hollywood Takes a Stand: Join Justice for Migrant Women, LCLAA, and Media Organizations to Address Latina Equal Pay Gap!

By Mitzi Salgado

Los Angeles – The battle against the Latina Equal Pay Gap continues. As we approach Latina Equal Pay Day on October 5, renowned organizations such as Justice for Migrant Women (JFMW), SAG-AFTRA, #WeallGrow Latina, Latinas Acting Up, and the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) are amplifying Latina voices.

The movement kicked off with a powerful demonstration at Warner Bros Studios on September 29. Spearheaded by Latinas Acting Up co-founders Diana Maria Riva and Lisa Vidal, along with supporting SAG-AFTRA actress members, the strike was a testament to their commitment to equality. This was immediately followed by the annual National Latina Equal Pay Summit on September 30, 2023. Together, these events emphasize these organizations’ solidarity and shared vision to achieve equal pay for all Latinas, irrespective of their fields.

Photo of SAG-AFTRA and Latinas Acting Up members. The Cultura Media All Rights Reserved 2023

Regrettably, for every dollar white, non-Hispanic men earn, Latinas earn only 52 cents. This is a decrease from the previous year’s 51 cents. This gap exists regardless of a Latina’s educational qualifications, employment status, or skill level. Even at the higher echelons, the narrowest gap witnessed for Latinas is 57 cents for full-time, year-round, skilled Latina professionals.

Understanding the Impact

If we translate this pay disparity into a lifetime earnings scenario, a Latina would lose over $1.2 million. Because of how Latino households are structured, it’s common for Latinas to support their families beyond their nuclear family members. White American conventions of family structures and even the legal definitions of what is considered “an American household” in the United States are limited to the parents and their children. Latino households often extend beyond the nuclear family to include grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even cousins.

JFMW’s Founder and CEO, Monica Ramirez, articulates the gravity of the issue, “Imagine the potential of an additional $1 million. The repercussions of this pay gap extend beyond just the Latina individual; it impacts her entire family. Basic necessities, savings, emergencies – all are compromised. We’re earning barely half of what a white man does for identical work. This ripple effect also seeps into our future generations.”

Photo of Monica Ramirez (center), posing with Poderista members. The Cultura Media All Rights Reserved 2023

Joining Forces and Charting the Path Forward

In a collaborative effort, on October 5, 2023, JFMW and the partnering organizations plan to send a compelling letter to Congress. The goal? To urge lawmakers to recognize and rectify historical disparities, implementing reforms that counteract current and future economic inequalities.

Adding momentum to the cause, We All Grow Latina, JFMW, LCLAA, and Latinas Acting Up initiate the ¡Pagame! Social media challenge. They urge women everywhere to wear the “¡Pagame!” t-shirt and post a photo on October 5, 2023, at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

¡Ponte las Pilas!

You can be part of the movement, too. Stand in solidarity on October 5 at 2 p.m. Purchase and wear the “¡Pagame!” t-shirt to raise awareness on the importance of the issue. T-shirts are available for purchase on the #WeAllGrow Latina website here. Join JFMW, LCLAA, and Latinas Acting Up in amplifying the call. 

Photo of Xochitl Osegura, Vice President of Mamás con Poder . The Cultura Media All Rights Reserved 2023

Note from the Founder and EIC

As a Latina-owned and operated media house, Cultura Media feels the repercussions of the Latina Equal Pay Day profoundly. This isn’t just news for us; it’s our lived reality. We are in this fight alongside the leading organizations, shedding light on the daily challenges Latinas confront. The time for change is now. Together, let’s bridge this gap and ensure a more equitable future for all Latinas.

Mitzi Salgado